Call Center Authority

About CCA

About Call Center Authority

After spending our careers providing call center services for some of the largest companies in the US and starting companies that needed call center partners we decided to create Call Center Authority (CCA). 

Our objective was to make the call center selection process easier, shorter, more effective, efficient and successful for organizations as they navigate the choice of building a call center internally or outsourcing these services.  Our experience has allowed up to build a large network of call centers that we have worked with.  All of these call centers are fully vetted and compliant in order to ensure that you get the best call center solution in the industry.

We understand the outsourcing process from initial conversation with a potential call center partner to running the day-to-day business. With the thousands of programs we have set up over the years, we have seen it all. We will be able to offer best in class advice, services, solutions, approaches and technologies. We will carefully think through your current needs as well as future strategic concerns as your business grows and evolves. We will identify and bring to you the best options for your consideration at no cost or obligation to you.

Leveraging our industry relationships to help you exceed your call center goals is our only mission.

When it comes to call centers, we are the authority. And we are free. Contact us today at or (888) 319-8882 to begin the process.

When it comes to call centers, we are the authority. And we are free.