Call Center Authority

Communication Channels

Our call center partners utilize the following channels of communication and the latest in technology.

Prospects, customers, members or patients call in to speak to a representative for assistance and information.

Outbound call center services

Using approved calling lists that meet all TCPA and cell phone requirements to make outreach or outgoing calls. (Outsource Call Center Services Providers in USA)

Email services

Using pre-approved canned responses, free form responses or a combination to answer email inquiries from customers.

Chat services​

Answering questions from a prospect or customer via a live interactive chat feature that is typically on your website.

SMS Services

Sending and responding to text messages (TCPA and cell phone express written consent approved) from customers.


Uses real voice sounding options and interactive intelligence to provide customers with self-service or to triage calls.

Back Office (non-phone related services)

A group who supports you with non-phone, email or chat functions.  (Data entry, mail processing, research, etc.)

Multi-language support

Exceptional service in the language of the customers’ preference. Takes the customer experience to another level.

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