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Our call center partners have earned their expertise in the following industries.​

Working with providers, payers and members; working in the healthcare industry requires  special sensitivities.

Consumer Goods

A wide range of goods and services aimed at the consumer requires flexibility and broad knowledge base.

Finance and mortgage

Consumer loans for automobiles or mortgages for homes, finance companies need to clearly communicate their offers.

Online retailers and eCommerce brands continue to thrive in the online shopping space. The need for a quality front-line team is essential.

Politicians and their campaigns need to keep their ears to the ground.  Polling continues to be the primary means to do so. 

As schools (trade schools and colleges) compete each year for the best students, they increasing rely on professional communicators to inform the public.


Consumers are faced with choices when it comes to energy producers and sellers.  It is vital that they understand the many differences.

Communications / Telecommunications

In an always connected world, companies have to outcompete to gain business. Customers have to trust the voices on the other end.


Efficiency and great customer service are the difference makers between making and losing money in the transportation industry.

Business to Business Sales and Service ​

B2B telemarketing has many clear benefits, including increased business opportunities, lead generation, and brand awareness.

Automotive companies need a world-class customer experience and technical service that transcend the traditional call center.


Today’s customers have higher expectations when it comes to quality, extended protection and support.


Whether it’s a clinical trial program, patient response or customized IVR, a quality call center makes sense of complex information.


Rapidly changing world of technology requires customers to be informed of the latest updates to make informed decisions.

Travel and hospitality

There are unexplored markets hungry for travel to new places and to enjoy new experiences.  Call centers can open the doors.

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