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Inbound Call Center Service

Inbound Call Center Services

If your business is growing and in need of a professional call center service provider, Call Center Authority can help. We will assign a success manager to collect basic information about your needs through a questionnaire or phone call.

Our team will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your company and its requirements, and review program nuances. We aim to understand your program-launch time-frame, budget, key performance metrics, growth goals, current pain points, technology requirements, agent requirements, and the current status of your call center program when determining from which call center companies to request proposals to present to you.

After the intake process, your success manager along with other support team members will review our database of fully-vetted and compliant call center companies for your industry. We use specific program match criteria to select three call center options.

Inbound Call Center Providers

CCA (Call Center Authority) will reach out to trusted call center companies within your industry, review the opportunity details, and provide them with proposal specifications. Our long-standing relationships with our call center partners enable us to provide to you within two weeks, detailed proposals which will include pricing and launch costs.

From there, CCA will review the proposals and score the results based on the critical factors outlined during our initial discussion. This scorecard will be presented to you along with the proposals to be used as a guide – helping you determine which call center(s) you would like to further consider.

After proposal review and discussions, the call center finalists will be determined. CCA will coordinate conference calls, develop discussion points, and communicate presentation requirements to the finalists. We can provide, as needed, standard questions to ask during these calls so you can feel comfortable when making your final selection. If there are any outstanding questions or if an additional round of calls is needed CCA will manage the process and provide you with details.

Your Trusted Call Center Advisor

At Call Center Authority, we will be your trusted call center partner. As experts in this space, we will work with you in finding the perfect match for your companies call center needs. Once the finalist conference calls are completed, we will discuss with you to review the results, answer any remaining questions, and help you select the right partner.

CCA will be at your side to help with contracting and as needed during implementation or call center onboarding.

After the call center program is launched your success manager will remain available to assist as needed. We are always an email or phone call away. If we don’t hear from you, we will reach out periodically to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Call Center Authority Selections
Process Overview Summary
  1. Fact finding questionnaire and discussion
  2. Research of call center database, matching on KPIs, price, experience, culture and other critical elements
  3. Provide three proposals within two weeks of initial discussion
  4. Provide scorecard results of proposals
  5. Assist with your evaluation and finalist selection
  6. Conduct due diligence conference calls with partner finalists
  7. Assist with your partner selection
  8. Support you through contracting and launch
  9. Ongoing program performance evaluation touchpoints
We provide our service to you at no cost or obligation.

When it comes to call centers, we are the authority. And we are free.